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The American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is leading the fight to Stop Diabetes and its deadly consequences and fighting for those affected by diabetes. The Association funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes; delivers services to hundreds of communities; provides objective and credible information; and gives voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes. Founded in 1940, our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. For more information please call the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383) or visit www.diabetes.org. Information from both these sources is available in English and Spanish.


The Canadian Diabetes Association
We are a member-based, independently governed charitable association, founded in 1953 by Dr. Charles Best, co-discoverer of insulin. The Association’s mission is to lead the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure. Our value driven culture is committed to excellence, partnership, innovation, integrity and respect. http://www.diabetes.ca


JDRF is the leading global organization funding T1D research. Millions of people around the world live with type 1 diabetes (T1D), a life-threatening autoimmune disease that strikes both children and adults. There is no way to prevent it, and at present, no cure. JDRF works every day to change this by amassing grassroots support, deep scientific knowledge and strong industry and academic partnerships to fund research. www.jdrf.org



Snowmobiling for a Cure


For Bill Bradfield, snowmobiling from Sault Ste. Marie to one of the most majestic places on top of the world, TOK, Alaska, is more than just an adventure for him… it’s a way to help those who are suffering from diabetes.
Bradfield, a disabled Viet Nam Vet, who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the age of 59, has established the 2010 MichCanSka – a 4,000 mile voyage to bring awareness about diabetes and to raise money to assist in finding a cure for a disease that affects millions of people worldwide.
“It’s a trip of a lifetime,” said Bradfield, who in October of 2008 revealed an image which had been spinning in the pinnacle of his mind about taking an snowmobile expedition through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska all in the name of diabetes. “This trip is all about snowmobiling for a Diabetes Free Tomorrow.”
Within one month of announcement, Bradfield had the entire State of Michigan behind him, and which caught the fascination of every person who owned a sled in his state. From Michigan – Bradfield’s idea soon spread out far and wide and has become one of the most talked about undertakings in the snowmobile world.
On February 15, Bradfield and 71 other snowmobilers from a number of different states left Sault Ste. Marie for Alaska, which will take the group around 20 days to complete, which equals out to 200 miles a day. The snowmobilers are from five states and one province. The trip started at the Soo-500 racetrack where the riders took one lap at the famous venue before moving on toward the great state of Alaska.
After snowmobiling through the Turtle Mountain Byway on Saturday morning, the snowmobilers will now being going on to sled through the Trans Canada Trail, the Yukon Territory with a stop over in Dawson City to see the once historical gold mining town, and then to their final destination of riding across the Top of the World Highway of TOK, Alaska.
“The view in TOK is nothing short of breathtaking,” said Bradfield, who stated that once in TOK the group will hold a special presentation with local officials to celebrate the success of their trip.
After the presentation, the group will travel back to Dawson City the next day where they will began the process of loading up their sleds and traveling back to their home destination by vehicle.
An interesting fact about the group’s journey is that once they enter into the northwestern passage of Canada, lodging accommodation are so limited there that the MichCanSka group at the beginning of their trip had to divide the snowmobilers into groups of 32 riders each with a two day interval in traveling time to make sure that there will be enough accommodations for those who participate in the trip.
While on their trip, the snowmobilers will also be educating people on diabetes and attempting to raise as much money as they possibly can in hopes of finding a cure for diabetes.
Individuals who wish to donate to the MichCanSka for a diabetes free tomorrow can go online to www.michcanska.com and make any type of donation, or, individuals can write a check to the Diabetes Research Institute and mail it to 6131 W 48 Rd, Cadillac, MI 49301. Sponsorships are also available, which include: Platinum – $500 or more, Gold – $300, Silver – $200, and Bronze – $100.
Presently, the MichCanSka group has raised over $60,000 so far through the trip and estimating that by the end of the trip the amount raised will be $100,000.
According to the American Diabetes Association, 23.6 million American children and adults have diabetes. Of that number, 17.9 million individuals have been diagnosed with the disease, 5.7 million people have been undiagnosed, while 57 million people have pre-diabetes.
Each year, 1.6 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed with individuals who are aged 20 and older, and the disease costs over $174 billion dollars each year.
Diabetes can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, amputations, and neuropathy. When it comes to blindness and kidney disease, diabetes is the number cause of these conditions.
For additional information about diabetes, go to www.diabetes.org.

What People say about MichCanSka:

“ It was an honor and a pleasure sponsoring you and all of your efforts with the Epic Snowmobile Adventure MichCanSka. You and your club members were dedicated snowmobilers that did an outstanding job of promoting the snowmobile community on the local, State, National and International  levels.” Jack Nelson, President Nelsons Speedshop.

“It was amazing to see snomobile clubs rally around MichCanSka and help this intrepid group realize the goal they started out to accomplish. What a cohesive force MichCanSka proved to be in the snowmobile community.” Nate Blaylock Klim Technical Riding Gear.

“I do hereby proclaim the week of February 15th thru the 19th as MichCanSka Week in the City of Sault Ste. Marie to recognize Bill Bradfield and his extraordinary group of riders embarking on this 4,000 mile adventure to benefit the search for a cure for Diabetes.” Mayor Tony Bosbous.

“ Be it resolved that this extraordinary adventure is deserving of special recognition to show support for the MichCanSka charity fund raising event for Diabetes Research.” Mayor Barnett City of Cadillac Michigan.

“ Snowmobiling this year will be beneficially recognized and elevated in the public opinion because of MichCanSka.” Mike Grant, Snowtrails TV.

“MichCanSka put a real positive spin on our marketing efforts for the North American Snow Festival and helped bring in hundreds of snowmobilers that generated millions of dollars in revenue for local businesses.” Robert Gattin Executive Director Cadillac Visitors Bureau.

“MichCanSka has become one of Project Type Zeros most valued partners with an unmatched ambition dedicated to helping find a cure for diabetes through the sport they love.” Alyson Mizke, Director.

“MichCanSka supported many businesses in several communities in North Dakota when they came through and we appreciate it.” Erik Dietrich Motorized Recreation Coordinator.

“The community of Tok Alaska and the Alaska Trailblazers are proud to be a part of this historic event.” Dave Young President.

“Bill Bradfield and the MichCanSka Riders are a class act and should be recognized for their accomplishments that have made snowmobile relationships a paramount achievment we can all be proud of.” Ric Federau International 500 Co- Chairman, Saf-T-Tec, Inc. President.


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