Founder (BIO)

Biography of Bill Bradfield

Former President and Founder of

MichCanSka Adventures Snowmobile Club

  • Born and raised in Detroit, now residing in Cadillac Michigan
  • Started an apprenticeship in Sheet Metal in March, 1966
  • Joined the Marine Corps in September 1966, could have been differed but answered my call to duty instead
  • Spent 13 months in Viet Nam combat infantry from April 1967 to May 1968
  • Came back home and finished my 4 year apprenticeship in 1972
  • First ride on a snowmobile was December 1968
  • This would become the tool I would use for the rest of my life to take my mind off the unpleasant past, and it would become a lifetime passion of joy and excitement
  • It is now 50 years later and I still love to play in the snow
  • Married and divorced with two great children, a son William, and a daughter Wendy and two beautiful granddaughters, Vivian and Bella ages 11 and 9.
  • Became involved in union politics with Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 and was elected as a fulltime Representative in 1981 and re-elected every three years until I retired in 2005
  • I love to hunt and fish, wildlife photography and ride my sled and snowmocycle ( a snowmobile converted to a three wheeled motorcycle)
  • Past President of the Snow Wish Riders Snowmobile Club from Lansing Michigan while raising thousands of dollars for the Make a Wish Foundation
  • Member in good standing of the following organizations:

–        American Legion-Veterans of Foreign Wars

–        Disabled American Veterans

–        Am Vets-Traverse City Band of Brothers

–        Union Sportsman Alliance

–        President of the Northwest Michigan Recreational Snowmobile Council

–        Past President of the MichCanSka Adventures Snowmobile Club

–        Lifetime member of the Cadillac Winter Warriors Snowmobile Club

–        Lifetime member of the Michigan Snowmobile Association

–        Member of the Snomads Snowmobile Club

–        Elected board member, North American Snow Festival in Cadillac Michigan

–        Sheet Metal Workers International Local Union 80

  • Received the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) Presidents Award in 2010
  • I was diagnosed with diabetes-mellitus due to exposure to agent orange while serving my country in Viet Nam, and suffer from severe hearing loss as well

Viet Nam Veterans have saying, all gave some and some gave all. I consider myself fortunate that I did not give all. I have been a fighter all my life for one cause or another and see no reason to change now. So I will continue to fight for a cure for diabetes and hopefully it will make a difference for me and others that fight on the same battlefield.

This is why I have chosen the Diabetes Research Institute and the Alberta Diabetes Institute as the charity fund raiser for all of my future snowmobile journeys. Some people have type 1, some have type 2 but if we all work hard at finding a cure we will someday have type zero. Please help me with my mission in finding a cure for the 300 million people Worldwide in our fight against diabetes, donate today!


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