2014 Quebec – Canada Adventure has started….

This is the 5th annual adventure ride for the MichCanSka extreme snowmobile club. This years ride across the northern Canadian province of Quebec will include the last leg to complete the over 6,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to Tok, Alaska. Effectively riding across the North American continent. (Click here) to go to the blog

Day1pic 2014b

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2013 Adventure in Ontario, Canada successfully completed!

(click here) to go to the blog for this adventure. Also check us out on Facebook !!

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Snowmobiler of the Year!

MSA announced at it’s recent convention in Bay City, Michigan in December 2012, that Bill Bradfield our president was named “Snowmobiler of the Year” Congratulations Bill!

Bill would like to thank the members of MichCanSka for their support and endorsement he received for this prestigeous award

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Another Successful Adventure (2012)

Does Michcanska know how to adapt to change? Almost every step of the way. The first 3 days of the trip never took place where they were originally planned. Instead we drove right to WaWa, but from there on out we had really great trails, well ok except for one day which was a repeat of Ross River. But with our skilled leadership and careful planning we were able to manage to get back to where we were suppose to be. Oh yes and the 12 foot “Wall of Snow” was a little challenging for 5 members of the group and a little costly but they all joined us a little later in the evening. We could not go to Minnesota, no snow we couldnt go to Wisconsin, no snow and we could not get to the western Up yeh you guessed it no snow. But it did not stop us from clocking 2,200 miles, raising $19,000.00 and having a lot of fun doing it! The hospitality of our good friend Roger Segouin the Mayor of Hearst and his council members was fantastic. I wonder how many other snowmobile clubs had trail signs welcoming them in to the towns they visited last winter. Also our good friend Gaby and his wife Doreen and all the great people from the Sno-Hos club that treated us like royalty we thank all of our good Canadian friends for their northern hospitality. Also Mayor Tony Bosbous of Sault Ste. Marie for the great send off from Michigan. The MichCanSkans have made their mark three years in a row now and we can all be proud of our accomplishments. The team effort prevailed once again.

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MichCanSka – 3 years later

“Dream It, Plan It, Do It”

The MichCanSka club motto that echoed across North America in 2010 when we organized the Snowmobile Dreamtrip of a lifetime, an Epic Adventure that traveled through 5 States, 5 Provinces and 4 Time Zones of some of the most beautiful and most treacherous landscapes on earth. It was to be a one time event raising funds for diabetes research and awareness promotion. Today it has evolved in to the first International Snowmobile Club that has already raised $130,000.00 in it’s first Three years, said Bill Bradfield President of MichCanSka.

Millions of dollars are spent each year in Michigan Businesses and we need to protect this viable industry for our economic prosperity. It is one of the few industries that cannot be outsourced. The MichCanSka group was responsible recently for sending almost 600 letters of response to the State Forestry Department opposing the closing of any and all trails in the Manistee and Huron National Forests. We launched this campaign in conjunction with the Michigan Snowmobile Association at the Novi Snow show in November of 2011. The case was resolved in February in favor of keeping trails and hunting open in the Manistee and Huron forests!


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MSA awards Michcanska “Snowmobile Club of the Year”

Bill Manson, Executive Director of MSA stated ” The MichCanSka snowmobile club raised an incredible $10,000.00 this year for Diabetes Research and Awareness through fund raisers such as their annual car show, wild game dinner, benefit dinners and by orgainizing the most exciting snowmobile adventures ever!”

MSA President, Jim Dickie awarding MichCanSka the snowmobile club of the year award at the annual MSA Convention to Bill Bradfield

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Paradise, Michigan K-12 school supports Michcanska

The picture with the kids and my snowmocycle was taken on September16, 2011 in front of the K-12 school in Paradise Michigan. They had a penny drive and raised $25.78 for MichCanSka. I gave them a complimentary copy of our video, they all remain strong supporters of our cause.

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Another successful adventure!

Hey MichcanSkans, another successful trip under our belts. Congratulations, not too many snowmobilers would travel almost 2,000 miles in sub-zero temperatures which proves what passionate, true grit riders all of you are. I’m starting to get some feedback from some of the riders including restroom breaks , picture stops, shorter days and people that want to play off trail. Now is the time to send in your thoughts on what we should do to make it a better trip, while your ideas are fresh in your mind. Your board and I need to hear from you as there is always room for improvement.

Last year we encouraged you to send in stories and pictures to us or any and all snowmobile media people so the snowmobile community can hear your individual stories about our exciting and frigid ride. I would suggest MSA, Michigan Snowmobiler, Snowgoer, American Snowmobiler, and also don’t forget your local newspapers. To date we have had over 9,000 website hits, with no idea yet on what we received for donations. Our next board meeting is March 24, 2011 at 4PM in Grand Rapids, so if you have any comments get them in now.

On Thursday and Friday of this week we will have a contingency of congressmen and other officials on tour in the Cadillac area to discuss the court case that is in the sixth circuit court regarding a request to close both snowmobile trails and hunting in the Manistee-Huron National Forests. The cadillac Winter Warriors will lead the group accompanied by MSA, the Northwest Michigan Recreational Snowmobile Council and MichCanSka to oppose this idea. There will be a luncheon on Friday February 25th at the Coyote Crossing just south of 55 on Hoxeyville road. If you can be there to show your oposition to this idea it would be great.

We send our best wishes for a recovery to both Ken Bailey, who is recovering from broken ribs and Dick Woodruff, who suffered frostbite during the Ontario ride and we thank you again Dick for volunteering to drive one of the chase vehicles.

Dream it, Plan it, Do it, we are now in the dream mode for 2012 and soon we need to shift to the planning mode so lets hear from you. There is a group of us that are going to attend the Veterans Ride in which will be held on March 12, 2011 in Seney, if interested let me know.

Safe Trails,

Bill Bradfield

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MichCanska “A Snowmobile Adventure” Movie showing

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DVD documentary of 2010 MichCanSka released

The documentary for the 2010 MichCanSca trip from Michigan to Alaska is now available on DVD. If interested send email to Bill Bradfield  hoxeyvillain@hotmail.com  for more information

Here are some links to Trailers for the documentary:


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