2015 MichCanSka International Snowmobile Club/World Tour

Press Release


I am Bill Bradfield, Founder of the MichCanSka Snowmobile Club, the only International Snowmobile Club World Wide. We have members in the USA, Canada and Russia and we organize Extreme Snowmobile rides World Wide promoting Diabetes Research and Awareness promotion programs. In 2010 the MichCanSka club shook the World Community of Snowmobiling with its Epic Adventure from Sault Ste. Marie Michigan to Tok Alaska. This was a journey through 5 States, 5 Provinces, 4 Time zones and over 4,000 miles of some of the most beautiful landscape and sometimes most treacherous landscape in North America. It was a fundraiser for Diabetes Research and we raised an incredible $102,000.00 in one snowmobile ride.  

On February 5, 2015 we will be embarking on the first ever World tour on Snowmobiles for Diabetes Research starting in Cadillac Michigan at the Coyote Crossing Resort. Mayor Carla Filkins will address the group along with Ron Corbett, president of the Michigan Snowmobile Association and pastor John Martek will perform a blessing of the Snowmobiles and the riders. This event has been added to the North American Snowmobile Festival that draws thousands of people each year. After a trail ride on the Cadillac trail system we will meet at the Cherry Grove Event Center for a benefit luncheon for Diabetes Research. We will be presented with a tribute from the Governor of the State of Michigan as well as the House of Representatives and the Senate. When the luncheon is over we will load our sleds on trailers and caravan North to Sault Ste. Marie. We will be greeted by Mayor Tony Bosbous and city officials with proclamations. We will ride for 3 days in Michigan, then 3 days in Ontario Canada, where Mayor Roger Segouin and city officials of Hearst Ontario will be paying tribute to the ride and its cause.  On February 14th we will be boarding planes headed to Bodo Norway. For the next 6 days the ride will take us through Norway, Sweden and Finland on Snowmobiles. On February 21 the Swedes will escort us to the Russian border and we will begin a 4 day ride to the city of Murmansk. On February 24th we will take a flight to St. Petersburg for the Grand finale and Banquet. Two of the riders will make stops in Paris and London to further promote Diabetes Research and fly back to the US on March 2, 2015. 

There will be 9 riders on the full tour and we will be picking up an average of 20 more riders in each country so the total of participants could be about 130.

While all this is happening the USA segment of the ride will be riding through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a 12 day ride promoting Diabetes research as well. There will be 20 riders in this group and many of them are Veterans of the 2010 Alaskan ride. 

When MichCanSka started their winter adventures in 2010 there were 26 MILLION People in America with Diabetes, today there are 29 MILLION People in America with this dreadful disease an increase of 3 MILLION in just 5 years! There are 382 MILLION People in the World with Diabetes. Like so many other Veterans I am type-2 due to exposure to Agent Orange while serving my country in the line of duty in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. There are more deaths annually from diabetes than Breast Cancer and Aids combined! We have been on a journey since 2010 to help find a cure for diabetes which is a very noble cause. There has never been a World Tour on Snowmobiles for diabetes Research and there may never be another one.

Our endorsements include the Michigan Snowmobile Association, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, the International Snowmobile Congress, the American Diabetes Association, the Canadian diabetes Association the Lions Clubs Internationally, the cities of Cadillac Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, Hearst Ontario Canada, Bodo Norway, Kiroun Sweden, Salla Finland, Murmansk Russia, St. Petersburg Russia, the North American Snow Festival, the I-500 International Snowmobile Race, the Sheet Metal Air and Transportation Workers International, Fox Motors of Cadillac and dozens more that can be viewed on our website at www.michcanska.com .

We can be proud that we are the very first State and Country to organize such an event. You can help through the social media by letting all of your subscribers know about this amazing journey across the world. Donations can be made on our website and sponsorships are welcome. Together we can show the whole world that snowmobilers are a caring group of people. At the same time we can also be promoting the Winter Adventure of our beautiful country and the economic value that snowmobiling gives us as a BILLION DOLLAR industry that cannot be outsourced!

With kind regard,

Bill Bradfield, Founder – MichCanSka International Adventures, hoxeyvillain@hotmail.com

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